Size Measurement


Check the chart below for measuring instructions.

DO NOT give your "Bra Size" as a bust measurement e.g. "Bra Size" 36B could measure as a 38" bust.

Please Provide the Following Measurements
  1. Height - I will need this in feet and inches please ladies - for example 5 feet 6 inches tall.

  2. Please provide the following measurements in inches or cms:

  3. Length - Measure from the shoulder line go down the front of your body, go over the bust and let the tape measure fall naturally down to where you would like the hem to be, you will need help with this one as you need to stand tall, also please put on a shoe heel height you intend to wear (even if they are flat shoes) before measuring.
  4. Bust - Measure the fullest part of your bust.
  5. Waist - Measure at your natural waistline.
  6. Corset - Measure from the shoulder line, go down over the bust to just under the bust line.
  7. Bicep - Measure at the fullest section of your arm bicep.
  8. Your normal dress size.